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These are puppies that are doing great things.

Some are on the road to be a 

Service & Therapy Dog.

Some will go on to be Show dogs.

This page is dedicated to them.

My hope is that all my puppies make this page.

Abby Rose

She has completed ALL CGCs.
 She also completed them by 8 months of age.

Thank you for the picture Heidi W.


She is one of Bella's 2018 litter. 

She has became a UKC Champion so far. 

Also completed he first CGC before COVID hit.


Since Smokey has been retired has found his perfect job. 

He is a Service dog for an Autistic Child. 

Great job Smokey I know you had great things for you to do.


This is one of Bella's Puppies from 2018. 

He is also work to become a Service Dog.

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