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Contract for Puppy

Jewels Poodles - Health Guarantee and Buyers Contract

This puppy is guaranteed to the original buyer for (2) two years against hereditary/genetic diseases, and against Hip Dysplasia. If dog is found to have a serious hereditary/genetic disease a replacement puppy of equal value will be given when available. Documentation from licensed veterinarian must be given. It is understood that breeder is never responsible for veterinarian bills or transportation costs. If Buyer chooses to KEEP said puppy and has provide PROOF of Spay or Neuter will be refunded 1/3 the purchase price of the puppy, this only pertains to puppies with genetic/hereditary health issues.

The buyer should have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within five business days. (Breeder is not responsible for vet bills.) Should the veterinarian find this puppy to have a serious life threatening illness or disease, (excluding parasites, giardia or coccidia) breeder will replace with puppy of equal value, when available. Puppy must be returned and accompanied with documented proof of illness from licensed veterinarian, within 7 days of purchase, (Breeder is not responsible for transportation costs.) Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of her choice to verify diagnosis before replacing.

Buyer has until between 18 -24 months or 1 ½ - 2 years of age to get the puppy Spayed/Neutered or they Void the contract. Buyers understands that it is healthier for the puppy to be allowed those natural hormones as long as possible and are encouraged to wait until almost 2 years old until spaying/neutering their puppy to allow growth and development. The buyer may delay Spaying/Neutering if they have talked to the Breeder and have a good reason to do so. Example: puppy looking to grow very big and wanting the natural hormones to help in development.

Puppies/Dogs found to have been allowed to become very over weight or Obese will Void the contract. Buyers who do not follow a limited/ minimal vaccination program Void the Contract. Buyer agrees to look for natural alternatives when possible and to avoid excessive drug usage on Puppy/ dog. Buyer understands the some poodles can be sensitive to vaccinations and drugs and to do research on possible side effects and uses caution before administering anything or allowing a vet to administer anything. Adult coat color and Bite is not covered by guaranteed. Any puppy found to have been breed will Void the contract and will be returned to the breeder. The Buyer agrees not to use Banfield Veterinary hospital.

The Buyer agrees to provide this puppy with proper vet care, diet, housing, socialization, and Grooming for its entire life. The Buyer agrees to follow a limited vaccination program and not to administer unnecessary vaccinations or medications, including but not limited to flea and tick treatments and pain killers. The Buyer agrees to look into natural remedies when possible and to research the side effects of all drugs administered by a veterinarian.

The Buyer agrees not to use Banfield veterinary hospital, cases of emergency exempted.

The Buyer agrees NEVER to breed this puppy. No breeding of this puppy for Doodles or Merle Pattern. Any puppy found to be breed will be a breach of contract and will be returned to the breeder. If puppy found to be bred purposefully or accidently and has produced cross breed or designer breed puppies the buyers agrees to pay the Breeder up to $2000 per puppy produced.

The buyer agrees the purchase price of $_________for the puppy, the balance is to be paid at the time of pickup. A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold a puppy of choice. This puppy will remain the property of the Breeder until final payment is made.

Buyers Contract and Health Guarantee Statement:

I understand by signing this agreement it becomes a binding contract, and I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to the conditions of this Buyers Contract.

Puppy Name: _____________ Color: _______________Gender: ______________

Micro Chip Number:______________________

AKC registration number:__________________

Dam: _______________________________

Sire: _______________________________

Buyer(s): Printed Name(s)___________________________

Signature(s)_______ __________________ Date________

Phone Number:______-______-__________

Email address:_____________________________________

Mailing Address___________________________________


Breeder: Printed Name __________________________

Signature __________________________Date__________

Phone: 843-291-9828

Website: Email:

Please make Certified Bank Check payable to Mary Holbrook.



Our Upcoming Litter arrived on April 14th.

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